A Deep Hunger

I was saved in a Christian home when I was six years old and met with my family in the Baptist church until the time that I was a senior in high school.   I was happy to be with my friends in the church but didn’t find the strength that I needed to pursue the Lord once I left for college.  After high school, and in college I stopped going to church and pursued my own interests.  I was not interested in going to church on Sunday or joining church groups but by the Lord’s mercy I was fortunate to have many Christian friends and was kept from harming myself. 

After years of not being satisfied, the Lord led me to read my Bible again and to need a place where I could meet with other Christians.  I went back to meeting with the Baptist church, but the feelings of what caused me to leave in the first place began to creep in and a deeper thirst caused me to share my experience with a close friend.  In a phone call with my friend I shared that I was seeking the Lord.  He shared with me that I needed to tell his father.   
I went to my friend’s house where I had gone many times before and began to share my experience with his father.   When I shared that I wanted to “Pursue Christ”, his only response was  “Ok, why don’t you come to a meeting with me tomorrow night.”  
It was in this meeting that I met a group of believers who enjoyed the Lord in a simple, genuine, and real way.   It was through the reading of the ministry of a Christian brother, Witness Lee, that brought me into a clear view of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.   This was what I was looking for.  This was what satisfied my longing deep within.