Deeper Experiences of Christ

My first contact with the church in Portland was in 1972. At that time my wife, Sandi, and I were living in Coos Bay on Oregon's southern coast. In our pursuit of deeper experiences of Christ, under God's sovereignty, we were brought into contact with the local churches at conferences held in San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle and Spokane. During those times of gatherings we met a few families who were meeting as the church in Portland, Oregon. Among the families we met from Portland, we became close to Dan & Dorothy Leslie, Ray and Jan Desimone, Dave and Pam Lewis, Roth Williams and Gene Ford. Since Portland was closer to us than any of the other localities we had visited, we made several trips to Portland on weekend visits during 1972 and 1973. On three occasions a few families from Portland also visited us in Coos Bay. Those times were very shepherding to my wife and I. Our remembrances of the times we spent with the brothers and sisters in Portland are precious to us.

In 1973, Sandi and I moved to Los Angeles to sit at the feet and under the direct ministry of brother Witness Lee. We met for years in southern California, mostly in Anaheim. What a treasure to have had such an opportunity. Those years formed the foundation of our life. Then, in the summer of 1980, for the Lord's move and for the spread of His expression, my wife, our three children and I moved to Portland, Oregon. We have lived and served in the church life in Portland now for over 28 years. Since our move, we have observed the brothers and sisters growing day by day, year after year in the divine life, and in caring for His enlargement and expression. Our service, especially the past 15 years, has been among the college age young people. Currently, we are cooperating with the Lord to field a full time campus team here to serve primarily at Portland State University. We are enjoying meeting in God's ordained way; bringing the divine life to unbelievers and shepherding one another for the building up of the church life. By meeting in the homes of the saints in this way, we are being vitalized into our full function. We treasure this opportunity to labor together with one heart and in one spirit for the furtherance of the gospel. May the Lord continue to grow in the saints here in Portland for the building up of His Body, the church.

Your brother in Christ,