Growing Up

Having grown up in a Christian home and passed through a Christian-based education, I was surrounded by the Word of God from a very young age. I remember singing scripture songs as a young child and reading the Psalms out loud to myself just to hear the poetry. Throughout my childhood and both junior and senior high school I responded well to memorization and Bible-reading challenges in the youth group and Bible camps of the local church in Portland, Oregon, where I grew up. By the time I graduated from high school I had read the New Testament at least three times through. However, as I entered college, somehow, whether it was the increased workload or just other pursuits, my Bible reading waned. I loved the Lord. I desired to know His will for my life, but I couldn't say that I truly loved His Word. Throughout the course of my days I would talk to the Lord, bringing to Him my problems, inviting Him into my studies, and seeking His guidance regarding human relationships, but more often than not I would become very frustrated because I couldn't hear Him speak back to me. I couldn't understand why just asking Him wasn't enough for me to hear His speaking.

As a transfer student to The University of Texas I found the answer to my frustration. While meeting with the local church in Austin I opened my situation to a dear sister who served with the college students there. She shared with me that the Word of God is the Lord's speaking to us. Through her fellowship I realized that though I was speaking to the Lord, I wasn't listening to Him. Because I hadn't been in His Word, I wasn't giving Him the way to speak to me. She encouraged me to get a pocket-sized Bible and begin to read it on the bus, in between classes, and whenever I could find the chance. The point was to let the Word saturate my mind and thoughts. As I read I would often stop to pray over what I was reading, mingling the word with my prayer (Ephesians 6:17-18). With this renewed supply of the Word being implanted in my heart and mind, I began to be refreshed by the Lord's speaking throughout my days.

Currently in the Full-Time Training in Anaheim, California my love for the Lord and His Word is increasing as I discover through the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee the hidden truths in the Word. Here I am being trained to spend time in His Word daily, to allow it to dwell in me richly (Colossians 3:16). As the Word begins to saturate and permeate my thoughts, I cannot help but hear the Lord's speaking in my life. I love the Word of God!