My Name is Noah

My name is Noah Salvione and I would like to testify how much I love the Lord and how thankful I am that He brought me to experience the real, daily, practical church. I owe my whole life to Him. I was blessed by the Lord to be born of two Christian parents who had already seen a vision of the Body of Christ.

I grew up in a very sweet, loving, and caring family life that was a result of my parents' love for and experience of Christ. Every time I consider family situations these days, I really thank the Lord for bringing me up in a family that was full of love for each other and love for the Lord. I appreciate the Lord's arrangement and care more and more each day.

As I grew older my heart towards the Lord grew cold. Eventually by my freshman year of college I had grown away from the Lord and my relationship with my family was somewhat strained. I still believed in God, but I just didn't feel like I needed Him. Through some circumstances I ended up visiting a Christian training in Southern California with my older brother in the summer of 1995. It was at that training that I fell in love with the Lord again and realized that the church was His deep longing and would one day be His bride. I am full of appreciation to the Lord for showing Himself and His heart's desire to me. It was a spontaneous and natural reaction to pursue Him.

Upon my return home I began to met with the church in Portland and attend more meetings. At first it was the Lord Himself that attracted me and drew me, but eventually I began to realize that I am just a fragile and weak man. At that time the dear Christians in the local church really kept me going. Many times I have been distracted from the Lord, but the brothers and sisters in Portland were always there for me. I realized that I will not and cannot make it on my own. I appreciate the Lord unveiling a vision of His church to me. It is a wonder and a joy to be brought into the church, Christ's deep longing, and it is a privilege and a honor to work with Him to prepare His bride.